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There are many types of caterpillars which are usually the larval (caterpillar or grub) stage of moths and butterflies,such as cabbage moth, cabbage white butterfly, potato moth or tomato moth. The moths lay their eggs on the underside of leaves. The larvae of caterpillars hatch from the eggs and then feed on the leaves or fruit. Another kind of caterpillar is the armyworm or cutworm, which is brown or green (or sometimes striped) and mostly feeds at night. These caterpillars cut through the stems of seedlings or transplants, and can also attack lawns. The parent moth rarely does any damage and is not often seen as they mainly fly at night.


Holes are seen in the leaves or fruit. Holes are usually irregular in shape. Black or brown droppings can also bean indication of the presence of caterpillars.

Solutions Nature's Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel Spray when caterpillars or their damage first appear. It is important to spray both sides of all foliage. Respraying at 5 - 7 day intervals may be needed. Ensure that all foliage, including undersides of leaves is sprayed. Apply in the cool of the early morning or late evening. Insects will stop feeding immediately but may take up to three days to die.

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